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Executive Virtual Assistants. Starting At Only $8/hr.

Executive Virtual Assistants.
Starting At Only $8/hr.


Get a college educated virtual assistant in 48 hours


Virtual Assistants

Focus on your business and let our professionals take care of things like managing your schedule, handling emails, and setting appointments.

The Investment That Pays For Itself

With the increased productivity resulting from bringing on a virtual assistant, our VA’s pay for themselves after an average of 3 months.

The Investment That Pays For Itself

With the increased productivity resulting from bringing on a virtual assistant, our VA’s pay for themselves after an average of 3 months

Get one task done for free! No credit card required.

Who is your new assistant?

A Highly Qualified Professional

Only the top candidate is hand picked for your needs. Less than 3% of applicants ever make it to be an assistant with our company.

Accommodating To Your Schedule

Just let your success manager know how often you need help and we’ll do the rest.

Here When You Need Them, Not When You Don’t

No long term commitments, cancel anytime.

Competitively Priced

We offer straight forward pricing starting at only $8/hr.


Our Process

Initial Call

One of our team members will go over your needs and goals for a virtual assistant. If, after discussing, we are the right fit, they will send over your customized agreement. There are no long term commitments here!

First step

Screening Process

Next begins our award winning process. Your Personal Success Team will work to choose a candidate through our proprietary hand selection process. This includes a ranking system, multiple rounds of interviews, and the final selection approved by our U.S. based managers.

Second step

Kickoff Call

Once we have found the right assistant for you, you can choose to either begin right away or have a strategy session with your dedicated account manager. If you approve of your assistant you are off to the races!

Third step


After you get through your onboarding benchmarks, one of our co-founders will call to ensure you are 100% satisfied. After this, we just help you grow your business.

Final step

Get one task done for free! No credit card required.

Contact us to have one of our virtual assistants complete a task for you today. No credit card or commitment required, just let us know what you would like done and we will take care of it!

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Absolutely, that is what your Client Success Team is there for. The first person to contact you will be the head of your success team. They will ensure you are properly guided through the steps and that your entire journey with Ark Solutions is a resounding success.

Virtual Assistants specialize in the repetitive tasks that you do every day, allowing them to take over these tasks and free up your time. 

They might handle your calendar and appointments, manage your email accounts, post to social media, proof and edit documents, book travel arrangements, coordinate between clients and/or team members, conduct research and coordination, follow up and collect invoices, or conduct data entry — just about anything you need!

Arks’ Headquarters is in Charlotte, North Carolina and our assistants are sourced from top universities in the Philippines. 

The head of the Client Success Team will be located in the U.S. and the virtual assistant will be located near our operations center in Manila, Philippines. Rest assured, our assistants do not work in a “call center” and are all highly trained professionals.

Our unmanaged rate is the rate for one of our top tier virtual assistants without the client success team. The managed rate includes your client success team. This team consists of your client success executive, account manager, your assistant, and a backup assistant. They help set up systems to best utilize your new assistant and guide you along the way to maximize efficiency. Any time your VA is out, your account manager will coordinate with your backup assistant to ensure zero down time. 



Ark pays significantly above the local wage to attract top talent and computer savvy individuals who want to work for the best companies in the world. English is the first language in the Philippines, and our assistants come from the top universities in the country.

The education and competency standards at our company are so high, less than 3% of applicants ever make it to becoming a virtual assistant for our clients. 

It is extremely easy! Just explain to our Client Success Team what your goals and needs are, and we will match you with the correct VA. From there, you can easily integrate them into your current workflows, apps, or emails.

The assistant can accommodate any process you are used to communicating with including phone calls, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc.

We would absolutely love to help you expand your team! It happens quite often that one of our clients wants to bring their amazing new assistant on and your Client Success Manager can explain all of the details for you.

It depends on how many hours you have contracted. If you would like certain hours dedicated to your assistant receiving calls, we can certainly set that up for you. You can also have your assistant return missed calls for you. 

Your new VA can easily accommodate any time tracking software you may provide, or if you prefer, the assistant can manually log hours. You can also speak to your Client Success Manager for other options!

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your new assistant, your Client Success Manager will step in. One of their primary goals is making sure you and your new assistant are the right fit, and if for any reason that stops being the case, they will immediately make it right by finding you a better match.

Each Virtual Assistant is assigned a backup assistant who can easily jump in to fill the gaps if your assistant isn’t available. They can also help your primary assistant if you have a deadline to hit and need extra manpower.

Getting started is the easiest thing you’ll do today.

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