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Most common tasks for virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are a great asset to any company. They help reduce your overhead costs and streamline your workflows. Although, if you have never used a virtual assistant before, you may be wondering what some of the best uses for one might be. Below we will break down some of the most common, and coincidentally most useful, tasks for a virtual assistant. 

  1. Email management. Email management is a common use of virtual assistants across many different fields. A big problem we see arising with many of our clients is an unmanageable inbox. A virtual assistant is a great solution to this problem that just can’t be solved with software. You can work with your new assistant to set up protocols for incoming emails, sort them by priority, and make them much more manageable on a day to day basis. Your assistant can set meetings, respond to low priority emails, and bring to your attention those emails that can not wait.
  2. Scheduling. It happens to all of us, you jump on a call, set a meeting, and then immediately after get another call which requires you to set another meeting, and things slip through the cracks. Maybe you forget to send a calendar invite, you don’t write down the meeting details, or you forget the obligation altogether. A virtual assistant solves this for you with great ease. You can have your assistant in the background at your future meetings or calls taking notes, filling your calendar, and smoothing out your day to day schedule with reminders. 
  3. Data entry. Do you ever have tasks that seem to drain your time throughout the day that could easily be outsourced? Well 99% of the time, it can be. Having a virtual assistant take care of things like filling out excel sheets, transferring information from files, or filling out client reports can be a great way to free up hours of your day and let you get back to focusing on productivity. Let us help you with setting up an optimized workday, today!
  4. Event Planning. When it comes time to plan an event, everyone loves the occurrence, but not everyone loves the planning. From speaking to different vendors to finding available products, it can become quite a chore. Let your virtual assistant take care of the scheduling and start focusing on the big picture. They can schedule deliveries, coordinate different vendors, update guest lists, and more! Whatever you may need your assistant there for, we make sure they perform. 
  5. Sourcing new leads. Sales can be a daunting process. Everyone would love to have an SDR but the reality is it can be quite costly. Why not bring on a personal SDR to help with your sales flow and focus on interested and pre-qualified candidates. Let your VA help with populating your CRM, reaching out to cold leads, and organizing your calendar to fill up your day to be as optimal as possible. 

Above are just a few of the absolutely limitless tasks your virtual assistant can focus on. If you would like to see what a virtual assistant can do for you and your organization, contact us today for a free consultation. 



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